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The Skilled Laborer Course Information

The 16.5-week Skilled Construction Laborer Course consists training in different trades.  The trades offered are based on current industry needs.


Upon completion of the experience in one trade, the trainee will cycle into the next offering until the 16.5-week program is completed.  All instruction is designed to "mimic" real work conditions, with time accountability; students punch in and out using a time clock.  The hands-on experience will involve the use of hand tools and equipment common to the trade being taught.


Offered 5 days a week for 5 hours.  This is a hands-on program – 1 hour of classroom, 4 hours of shop

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"There is plenty of work, (in construction and trade), but not enough workers...we are trying to change that."

We also offer customized courses and training for companies who want specialized training for their employees.

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