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Skilled Construction Craft Laborer (SCCL)

A Skilled Construction Craft Laborer (SCCL) uses many different pieces of equipment and tools on a wide variety of jobs in the construction industry.


SCCLs work in virtually all sectors of the industry:

  • Building Construction

  • Heavy/Highway and Utility Construction

  • Mason and Plaster Tending

  • Demolition and Deconstruction

  • Pipeline

  • Tunneling

  • Environmental Remediation

  • Landscaping

  • And More

Often, SCCLs find themselves working on numerous jobsites in different industry sectors throughout their apprenticeship and in their careers as journeyworkers. An apprentice may spend three months on a concrete crew working on a new high-rise office building; then go to work on a multi-lane highway project assisting in raking, placing and compacting asphalt; then spend a few months on an asbestos abatement project.

Some SCCLs, on the other hand, especially in larger metropolitan areas, spend their entire careers in one industry “concentration.” Many SCCLs obtain career-long employment building scaffolding, mixing mortar, and tending masons for masonry contractors.


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