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About ICG

Founded in 2017, the Independent Contractors Guild of WNY (ICG) is a nonprofit NYSDOL registered apprenticeship program that provides a well-trained workforce for trade industries.

ICG's Skilled Construction Craft Laborers Apprenticeship (SCCL) Program has been developed in accordance with the Department of Labor’s training outline which is the current standard for work processes and related instruction.



The Independent Contractors Guild of WNY (ICG) has as its mission to bring contractors together to avail themselves of a skilled workforce and apprenticeship opportunities by way of ongoing education through a NYS registered apprenticeship training program. 


The ICG apprenticeship program is a combination of structured on the job training (OJT) with a skilled trainer and trade specific classroom instruction.  The length of training depends on the employer and the specialization.


The Independent Contractors Guild is committed to answering the workforce needs of the construction industry by providing well-trained craftsperson's for the workforce. 

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